A transition from linear to circular economy

We at envoPROTECT are India’s first waste to energy plant installed in paper mill premises working towards converting waste plastic to green energy.

circular economy Solution at the generation site

Solid Waste

Step 01.


Unsegregated Solid Waste from Recycled paper Mills is brought to envoPROTECT recycling facility.



Step 02.

Segregation & Processing

This waste is segregated first & put into a reactor for further depolymerization of the segregated waste.



Step 03.

Impactful products

This process generates eco-friendly & patented products named envoFUEL & envoBRIQ which is then used by the recycled paper mills & other similar industries

Climate impact envoPROTECT’s journey to net zero

Recycling Capacity
Solid Waste Recycling By 2025
CO2 Saving Per Year

Sustainable Products Climate conscious products

We at envoPROTECT from Pune have developed the most suitable operation for processing solid waste emerging out of recycled paper plants and converting it to climate-conscious products.

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envoBRIQ is a biomass briquette made out of the waste that is used in boilers..

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envFUEL is a biofuel made out of landfill waste and is used in boilers & furnaces..

our people 75+ Combined Years of Experience.

Defined by our People.

We make a sustainable contribution by bringing togther our team to make a change to the world and the people around us.

team Powered by experience + committed to service

Dharma Anand

Partner & Co-founder

60Yrs Experience in Paper Industry,
Ex-Director of a Top 3 paper mill in India.

Kiran Shah

Partner & Co-founder

40Yrs Experience in Paper Industry,
MBA, Marketing, Symbiosis University.

Karishma Shah

CEO & Co-founder

Computer Engineering, MIT Pune;
MSc (EBM) University Of Warwick, UK.

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envoPROTECT is providing the critical state-of-the-art technology to harness waste to energy technology plants that in future will reduce the dependency on fossil fuel power generation, helping to build a healthier and low carbon footprint circular economy.

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